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After a number of years being a studio artist, design assistant, and curator, I realized my true passion lay with helping other individuals and groups fulfill their goals.

To do this more effectively,  I decided to pursue a certification in coaching, so that I could acquire the tools and skills needed to create meaningful  change in the lives of people and organizations.

Today, I incorporate creative strategies, design thinking, and coaching methods into my practice to assist my clients in crafting simple, elegant strategies that propel them towards success.

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As a creator, I understand the struggles creative individuals and entrepreneurs face on a day-to-day basis. Over the years of working as an artist, for other artists, and within creative teams (including film crews, design studios, and start-ups) I have gained a unique perspective that allows me to clearly and effectively communicate with other creative individuals. By combining  my years of experience in a variety of creative fields with my training as a coach, I can help you tackle and understand the root causes of your blocks and then craft a strategy to fully unleash your potential or overcome that next big hurdle.

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Working with a team of driven individuals towards a unique goal is exciting-It’s refreshing. There are times, however, when that process, that drive encounters a block. Managing a team requires an incredible amount of nuance, and team leaders have to take into account a variety of details from: the personalities that comprise their team, deadlines;  the range of natural abilities and skills within the group ; and the practical realities of everyday life. For me personally, working on teams has always been an exciting and fun process. The team is like a jigsaw puzzle and when the skills, talents, and passion of each piece are put together just right you get something amazing. As your coach, I will help unlock your team/company’s ability to propel your organization to the next level.

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We all fantasize about how great it would be to change an aspect of our life, here or there. Sometimes, though, we just don’t know how to do it. This 1-on-1 coaching is perfect for individuals looking to craft the future they want. Through our sessions you will clarify your desires and define a clear path  to achieve them. I will challenge you to overcome the blocks holding you back from getting what you want. This type of conscious approach to life is ideal for individuals looking to grow and put in the work to achieve their goals.

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1-on-1 Career Coaching is tailored specifically to each  client or organization. Together we assess where you are in your career, company, etc. and where you want to be. Then, we’ll craft effective strategies for you to get there. These strategies will be designed for You, by You. As a coach, I truly believe you are the master of your own life and know yourself best. This type of coaching is meant to empower you to reach your goals and design your own strategies long after we’re done working together. During this process you will be challenged to think creatively, ask hard questions, and reflect deeply in order for you to achieve the most growth possible. Ideal for entrepreneurs, teams, and creative individuals.


Running a business, starting a brand, defining a vision can be challenging...but that's where half the fun lies. Together, we will determine how you want your brand, your company--YOU--to grow and develop an actionable plan to achieve that growth. This process involves deep dialogues, brainstorming, and lots of  initiative. This type of coaching is perfect for organizations and entrepreneurs who are ready to hit the ground running.

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